This article is for NOBODY, just for me to record.
I tried to download OpenPose from github and run the Demo on my laptop. Since my graphics card is medium-level AMD,and my cpu is i7. So I use the cpu-only model.

The code path is on the master branch. I use v1.5.1,so I can compile the source code by myself, that means I can change the code and make the dll files match my system best.

I have tried the file that they compiled , and It didn’t work on my laptop.
openpose-binary-cpu-only wrong on my laptop

something that I want the say ,that is the command:

bin\OpenPoseDemo.exe --video examples\media\video.avi

I got the idea on this issue and I have get the lesson:

read files in the DOC folder first.

you can see the project structure:
project structure
project structure1

so after downloaded the source code also the models,and do everything followed toturials(include cmake process)
I compiled it by my vs2017 enterprise:
When use cmake,the build folder can be created internally.Note: the red rectangles means that they are created by my self. Be careful about the files in them.

Here’s some important tutorials I must show:
openposecode-onyourcomputer Just read them…

The result about the video is :
the video process is really really slow, I take it becuase the author said the highly recommand 6 cores cpu ,and my cpu is 2 cores.

I also tried the camera mode , but it’s black for one minute,two minuts,three minutes… I really didn’t think the program would have started if the headlight on my laptop camera hadn’t been on. It was too slow ,tooooooo slow… If the hardwares are good enough, the result canbe realtime I think.


So I will try the NVIDIA+CUDA+CUDNN experiment next time I got the chance to have high-quality hardwares.

I also tested the Openpose-unity-Plugin.

The project structure is :

This plugin needs windows7\8\9, and my system is Windows10,also the Unity version needs to be 2018.3,2018.4,and my Unity version is 2018.3.0f.
But it’s not working…
the error is:
I changed the .bat file,but nothing happened, even the openposedemo.exe cannot use the cpu mode.So I don’t think their gpu->cpu conversion can be working…The issue is.

Maybe not only testBinary.bat should be changed,the getModels.bat and getPlugins.bat should be changed too.
and I wonder whether the models trained on gpu and cpu have any differences or not.But so far as I know, the models’ link are the same.

So decided make part of the plugin myself,though I choosed the BUILD_UNITY_SUPPORT ,the result has no difference than before.
Here’ the difference between their files and mine.
I copyed the files on the left to the right, and the error is :
You need to compile OpenPose with CUDA support in order to use GPU resize.

My GOD!!! SO this means that the Unity-plugin still cannot use cpu mode.

I take another try, download the release version and copy the plugin folder from older project to it. The error is new:
release version

So I ran the bat file to get the default plugin folder,also wrong,beacause it still want to find cuda…



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