Hey guys,speaking of RayTracing,I have to tell u that I’m really confused at the first time–What the hell is RayTracing?! Well u know I’m not the kind of person who is addicted to games, all I know about Graphics begins with the course UnityGame in my first year of Graduate,before that I am the one who doesn’t even know what pixel is! So not to mention those much more advanced technologies such as RayTracing!

I assume readers are the same with me! You just learned the really really basic graphics—! coordinates transformation,! uv mapping,! something about graphicspipeline,! unity games,(ok I admit that I’m a little irritable at present, cuz a bug cannot be fixed for a few days)suddenly a voice told you time to learn RayTracing, and it seems a mess with the existing knowledges in your head. Don’t worry, learn with me.

This article is going to be very very long, it’s about RayTracing,Acceleration,BRDF,PathTracing,Calculus,Global illumination,Unity,VScode etc, there will be lots pics and formulas. If you are patient enough to read through it, I promise you can learn something, but before this article, please scan the two articles:Lighting-Shading-Texture,Graphicspipeline,cuz we have lots things to link up.

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