This article is kind of an essay, not a very specific,technical one.

Anima2D is a plugin for Unity to make skeleton-based animation,I have learned how to use it making my character Ideling on Bilibili, I pushed the result on github.

However,I am a cs-er.So the source code of this plugin has a fatal attraction for me. I wonder why the author didn’t write any annotation for the project, this makes my reading really really tough. Maybe experienced-man never write annotations…the conclusion was based on my observation in my coding life up to now…Since I am a “chicken dish”,which means “菜鸡” in Chinese,I decided to write my own understanding step by step(kind of diary style)

Life is so hard```(cry by chicken dish Anna)


I have been confused by Editor and EditorWindow and SciptObject and SerializedObject for a few days. Now here’s the tips:

  • Editor for Inspector.

  • EditorWindow for Windows, you can also add your custom menu to Window menu by using [MenuItem(“Window/xxx)]

  • ScriptObject is for making the class as a .asset file.So AssetDatabase.xxx used frequently.

  • SerializedObject to make the data serialized to show on the Inspector, also can make some relationships with Undo system.

Project structure annotations



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